Saturday, June 02, 2007

1st Update

We got a phone call from Mulan's trainer Wednesday. She said Mulan was adjusting well. She has been happily playing with the other dogs and eating well.
The past two weeks they have been doing temperment testing. Mulan tested on the "soft" side. This means she looks to people for guidance which is not necessarily a bad thing. They also did the rabbit test where the see if the dog is interested or aggressive to the CCI center's rabbit.
The trainer said Mulan was interested, but they could easily gain her attention again so that was a relief! They told me that it was all they could do to keep another dog from eating it! They also did a test where they brought out a large stuffed lion to see how the dog would react. Mulan was nervous but when the trainer went up to it she was less hesitant. So all and all Mulan seems to be doing well. During the next couple weeks they are going to begin working on commands with the dogs. So we will see how that goes. . . .