Friday, September 29, 2006

Apple Picking

We went apple picking for the first time! It was very pleasant.
The air feels like fall here. I have not felt fall air like this before. The
trees were dripping with apples and we all filled our bags to the brim in
ten minutes. They were Liberty apples which are very tart and sweet.
Mulan loved it! She loved just holding the apple in her mouth because it
felt like she owned it and it was hers alone. We also attended a Puppy Class
at the Polaris mall Wednesday night. We practiced walking up and down stairs
and various socialization skills. Mulan did wonderful(I am such a doggy mom).
One of her only problems was staying by my side towards the end of the stairs because she would get excited and want to get off really fast. It was a good refresher course for both of us.
Here are a few pictures. . . .

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Mulan and I got to help work the CCI booth Thursday at the Lions
convention. Mulan loved all the attention and behaved very
well. It was a very neat experience. I answered a lot of questions
about CCI and my personal stories of life as a puppy raiser.
One lady I talked to at the booth was getting her ninth puppy
the following week! Nine puppies is a lot. Mulan is now on four
cups of food a day. This is to fill her out a little bit. And the next bag
of food we buy will be adult food(we have been feeding her puppy food).
Here is a picture of us at the CCI booth.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 11

I can't believe tommorrow it will have been five years since September 11. I remember
that morning very clearly. I feel for everyone who lost someone.
Today we took Mulan to a little outdoor tomato festival. It only had three tents!
I tried my first fried green tomatos and tomato fudge (don't try either of them).
My mom and I were discussing how Mulan has changed while we were gone. There
is a definant difference. Before she was unable to just lay and relax , but now she will lay
around for up to two hours doing nothing. It is kind of enjoyable. It makes life much easier
for all of us.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Eleven Months

Wow! Mulan is officially eleven months old. Where did time go?
It seems like we just got her. We were just told that her
official turn in date will probably be somewhere in May. That means
that we are about half way there:(
On a different note I heard about Steve Irwin. That is so sad and he was only
44! Well I have to go. . .