Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cute Pictures

While we were away Mulan had a chance to visit the CCI puppy class with a puppy raiser.
She was the belle of the ball. They all really enjoy her. They took these
very cute pictures of all of them together. I don't think they got much training done:)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's Official!

We are officially moving to Columbous, OH at the beginning of June.
This city would not have been my first choice to move to but
we will be only 8 hours from our family instead of over two days.
I am going to miss the Texas climate and atmosphere so much.
I was born in Ohio but since my dad is a minister we were transfered
to Pennysylvania to be closer to his congregations. I was not even one year-old
so I don't remember it much. We were then asked to move to Oklahoma and
finally down to Texas. We have been living in the south for about seven years.
I have done a lot of growing up here and I barely remember our time up north
so it is going to be very different. For all you fans of Mulan I did not forget her
she is probably going to be shipped up ahead of us and stay at a official puppy raisers
until we get there. These next two months are going to be so hectic.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Last Puppy Class!

Mulan at the computer desk with me.

Next week is Mulans last puppy class! I am really glad she was able
to do these because she enjoys playing with the other "pupils" so much.
Another puppy raiser showed us how to file her nails instead of clipping them. This works a lot
better and sometimes Mulan even
falls asleep while I file them!

P.S. If my grandparents read this they should call us we have awesome news:)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Big Bend

We had a relaxing time camping down in Big Bend National Park and Del Rio.
We got to see some neat cave paintings at the Seminole Canyon.
We were so surprised to come back and see how much Mulan has grown.
She is getting very leggy, which I think is a golden retriever trait?
She was not very happy to leave her new doggy friend at the puppy raisers house.
Can you beleive in about two weeks she will be six months old! Her half birthday is actually
the same day as my birthday. So we will be celebrating both of them:)

Here is a picture of the cave paintings. I will post more pictures soon but they are not uploading for some reason today:(

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just A Update

I didn't mean for everyone to get so upset. It is encouraging to know that there are
people out there that care so much about these dogs. I am glad to have all sorts of advice from different people. Mulan has had her parvo shots even though they are not required by the CCI.
We are going down to camp for a week in Del Rio and Big Bend. Mulan is staying at a retired CCI puppy raisers house. She is going to enjoy playing with their CCI dog a lot.
I am really looking forward to this trip and I will post as soon as we get back:)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Our First Official Outing

We took Mulan to a little Irish Festival Sunday.
She did so well I was really proud of her. Dogs were allowed.
and we saw two other assistance dogs.
Mulan usually draws almost as much attention as the singers.
Here is a cute picture of her.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Buster Cube

Mulan now has new favorite toy it is called a Buster Cube and you put
the dogs food in it and they roll it around and the cube releases some food
ever so often. I guess it appeals to her doggy instinct to forage for food. I highly
reccomend it to anyone who has a dog.
We took her to her fourth puppy class last night. She is now half way through with them.
She is so smart. Sometimes I think it would be easier if she were not quite so brilliant:)