Monday, April 30, 2007

Few Mulan Pics

20 days until Mulans turn-in that seems so short:( I had a few requests for some more recent
pictures of her. The reason I havn't posted any in a while is because she does not look much different. Maybe it is because I am with her all the time. I snapped a few shots of her in mine room while I was doing homework. I would also like to post a few pictures from her last puppy class but I have yet to get a hold of my dads camera. When I do I will post them though.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Last Puppy Class

Tonight we will be attending out last puppy class with Mulan. It will be at Mingo Park.
I am hoping the weather will clear up by this evening because it has been raining a lot this morning.
Two days ago we took Mulan to the doggy park. At the very edge of the park there is a shallow doggy pond for the dogs to swim in. She had a great time! She swam and swam and swam with another lab. They had so much fun. She has been tired ever since:)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chicago and the Beginning of the End

We went and visited Chicago again this weekend. We enjoyed it a lot. This time we went to the Chicago Art Institute and the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. We also got to ride the trains through the city and walk along the Magnificent Mile(a mile full of 6o retail shops).
Mulan stayed at CCI. Her ears are tons better. The antibiotics and medication we have been using have really payed off.
I am sure you are wondering what the "beginning of the end" is. Last night when we got home we found Mulans forms for turn-in, in the mail. We were all very somber. She will be turning in May 19th. I just thought everyone would like to know.
So to brighten up the mood I have a story for everyone about my hamster.
Last night when I got home my hamster's lid was ajar(it had to be my hamster not my sisters) and he was gone! Our neighbor who had been caring for them had put food and water in bowls on the floor. Naturally we all freaked out!
I searched eveywhere! Finally I a trail of bedding lead me to out new sofa bed. I pulled off the cushions and there was my hamster sitting in a huge nest of chewed up sofa cushion and hamster food! The cushions look awful! My mom is so angry. She has not talked to me since last night. It's not like I chewed them up! I know this story might seem funny to everyone else but I am still in the middle of it. So everyone hope that my mom forgives me soon. Though I really don't blame her:)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Early Turn-In

Today we got a call from CCI saying that because of the unusually warm weather we have been having they have decided they will do turn-in's early so that the dogs won't have to be in the kennels in extreme heat. That means we have to turn in Mulan next week! It came up so suddenly:(

P.S. April Fools:) Mulan doesn't turn-in until May 19th